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AdoGreen Africa is a specialist recruitment agency focusing on finding local talent in various African countries within the mining industry.

In order to streamline and automate much of your recruitment needs you will need the right tools - cloud based recruitment software or cloud recruitment software. There are systems out there that can do simular work BUT when it comes to a dedicated tool to streamline and automate much of the processes a dedicated cloud based recruitment system is needed.
Our Recruitment Software Solution works with corporate, recruitment agencies and companies. It is a scalable cloud based recruitment solution for the next generation. From a fully fledged job board, to progressive profiling of candidates and clients. Surveys, dedicated Job board functionality as well as client, candidate and back office portals. The Cloud Based Recruitment Software Solution has been in use in difficult regions helping harvesting vast amount of information.
Have constant contact with a centralised communication system. Work from anywhere and anytime. Run email, sms campaigns. Publish directly to your integrated website from blogs to a job board. Create and execute surveys. High level of Business Process Automation is possible in the recruitment cycle through the system. Find, keep in touch with and recruit top talent around the globe.

Recruitment Software That Works

Streamline your recruitment cycle! Automatic shortlisting and regretting. Keep candidates up to date via automatic email and sms campaigns. Run inhouse and external referral campaigns while keeping everyone in your team up to date. Data can only be used and relied upon when it is qualified, relevant and current. This takes a lot of administration. Koneqt Cloud Based Recruitment Software Solution is built on top of a quality assurance and auditing platform which does this automatically. Multiple workflows keep candidate data reliable, current and up to date.

Koneqt Cloud Based Recruitment System is a cloud based system accessible worldwide, with 99.9% uptime. Compliance and Auditing is a main focus around data for this system.

About AdoGreen Global and AdoGreen Africa

AdoGreen, specialising within the heavy industry working with leading owners, operators, engineering, procurement and construction companies and consultancy clients across Africa to source and provide the utmost professional engineering, technical and field service capital for the mining industry. Our services are supported by extensive technical knowledge, experience, talent and specialised tools used to find the best fit candidate for your company. We source candidates working within the following commodities of the mining and metals industry: