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Finance & HR Jobs In Africa - Specialist Recruitment

Dedicated database of candidates in the heavy industry in Africa

AdoGreen Africa is a specialist recruitment agency focusing on finding local talent in various African countries within the finance & HR sector.

AdoGreen prides itself in building lasting relationships through focusing on building sustainable relationships in specialist sectors. The most successful relationships are those of partnerships.

AdoGreen partners with their clients to understand the intricacies of the organisation and requirements, making sure we source candidates not just technically competent but coming with the right cultural and demographic fit, supported by impeccable references.

The positions that we generally focus on are within the following requirements:

  • General Finance
  • CFOs and Financial Directors
  • Chartered and Professional Accountants
  • Auditing
  • Banking
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Risk and CIMA staff

We cover all sectors ranging from leading Fund Management and Financial Services companies to Manufacturing, Servicing and heavy industry companies.

Our focus is on identifying exceptional candidates from all levels ranging from Bookkeepers to Financial Directors as well as all positions within the Financial Services and Asset Management Industry.

Working In Africa?

With many job opportunities in the Heavy Industry sector all around Africa, these positions can vary from fly in fly out (FIFO), to “you have to stay for x months”, to getting danger pay, to staying in camps. These jobs can be so diverse, and so one needs to fully understand the requirements and expectations before commencing employment. Jobs in Heavy Industry can be from high risky positions to the general office jobs, from start-up companies roughing it, to well established companies, and from systems in progress to plenty of red tape. Working in Africa in spite of certain political conditions from place to place is exciting, and favoured by many.

Specialist Finance and HR Recruitment In Africa

AdoGreen Africa is a specialist recruitment agency focusing on finding local talent in various African countries within the Finance and HR sector in Heavy Industry. Why AdoGreen Africa is so effective in working into Africa, being able to target local candidates, is owing to extensive experience in pioneering within unfamiliar locations and successfully identifying the best recruitment practises for these type of situations for expanding and established companies. Our methodologies have been developed to effectively target and network with local candidates.

AdoGreen Africa can assist with requirements within restrictive circumstances like the challenge of working in remote locations, lack of connectivity and media reach, as well as regions unfamiliar to the company.