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Africa - Recruitment | Permanent Placement Solutions Africa

Owing to the success of tried and tested recruitment methodology within well-established business hubs to unfamiliar and remote locations, AdoGreen has been able to deliver above expectation on recruitment specs across a spectrum of diverse environments. This has positioned us with the confidence to embrace any recruitment need and challenge within Africa. Although there is a primary focus on the Heavy Industry in Africa, we are technically and intelligently equipped with the experience to tackle the most challenging of assignments.

When looking for permanent employees, we like to understand your company culture, the dynamics and you expectations to align the best talent for your needs and the future of the company. AdoGreen will shortlist from the best of the best identified to offer you a small, but highly targeted list of potentially suitable candidates. Our methodologies and characterised by quality candidates both in experience and character in order for us to best position your company to gain a high staff retention rate when using our services. Our goal is to become a valued long term business partner and not just another service provider.

AdoGreen charges a once of fee, billed on the commencement date of the candidates. There are no other costs involved during the recruitment process irrespective of whether candidates are interviewed and still not offered, depending on the agreed recruitment method/assignment

We work on a refund and replacement guaranteed over a 3 month period on a sliding scale subject to our terms and conditions.

Targeted Approach

Our approach is refined to not only identify technically and commercially competent candidates, but to understand our client’s
 organisational and personal requirements in line with cultural and departmental fits. We shortlist the very best of potentially
 suitable candidates for our clients, and from there, benchmark and select the strongest candidates of that final shortlist to
 offer the most superior selection choice. By this, we strategically limit the number of applications submitted to our clients
 to save time and money for our clients within the recruitment process. Depending on the position and request of clients, our
 average CV submission is 3 CVs per job spec.