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Around 3.5% of the total coal resources in the world lies within South Africa, as well as 3.3% of the total production of coal.
South Africa is currently handling around 6% of all global exports of coal in the world, which puts South Africa in the 6th place of all coal-exporting nations. Most of these exports go through the port of (RBCT) Richard Bay Coal Terminal.
It is estimated that South Africa has around 30 billion tonnes of coal resources.
Most of the power generated in South Africa comes from coal fired power plants - around 81% of electricity generated.

Most of the coal mined in South Africa (+/- 53%) is from open cast mines, and is situated in the northern part of South Africa in the Mpumalanga province. This province accounts for over 83% of South Africa's total coal production. The remaining production comes from Limpopo, KZN and the Free State province's.

Not much has happened since the early 2000's and South Africa's production output of coal has stayed around 235 million tons per year. If you exclude SASOL as an employer then the coal sector employs around 85 000 people with an annual turnover of around R20 billion.

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