Company Targeted Marketing Africa - Recruitment

AdoGreen Africa has in depth knowledge of many African countries. Candidates and consumer perception of your company, products, services and projects are key to attract the right local candidates especially in low populated countries. No solution is the same and is developed per client per country, area or need. The focus is to help companies source the best of local talent easily and save money on the recruitment process.

AdoGreen Africa has a good understanding of what is possible in most heavy industry heavy countries in Africa. We can help advertise with the right local and national newspapers, setup websites, setup recruitment software (Koneqt Regeneration Software Solution), and assist with various other aspects in regards to marketing and branding for new projects and companies.

We assist with brand strategy development by country. We use and help choose the most effective communication channel. From email, sms and hard copy marketing to local marketing on secluded area levels.