Botswana Diamond Mining Sector - Jobs And Recruitment


Debswana Diamond Mining

Debswana (a 50-50 joint association of De Beers) represented all jewel preparation in Botswana from its four mines. This agreement is deemed to be one of the best in the mining industry in Africa. It has provided a stable environment for the mining industry in Botswana to grow and develop. In 2005, Debswana treated something like 31.2 million metric tons (Mt) of mineral to yield 31,890,000 carats (6,378 kg), which was a weight increment of more than 2% contrasted and 2004. Debswana’s jewel creation incorporated 148,900,000 carats (29,780 kg) from the 34-year-old Orapa Mine, which was a 7% decay contrasted and 2004; 15,600,000 carats (3,120 kg) from the 23-year-old Jwaneng Mine, which was a 14% increment contrasted and 2004; 1,097,000 carats (219.4 kg) from the 20-year-old Letlhakane Mine, which was a 6% expansion contrasted and 2004; and 246,278 carats (49.2556 kg) from the 2-year-old Damtshaa Mine, which was a 27% decrease from that of 2004. The preparation decrease at Orapa was credited to the departure of a pull way due to an incline disappointment and a blaze, which devastated a stacking shovel.

Diamond Sales Moving To Botswana

De Beers and the Government concurred that some of De Beer’s Jewel Exchanging Organisation’s operations might move from London, United Kingdom, to Gaborone, Botswana. Neighbourhood promoting of locally prepared gemstones was required to help the nearby precious stone cutting and cleaning companies.

The Botswana national economy has been dominated by the mineral industry since the 1990's. The diamond mining industry transformed Botswana from a mainly agricultural type economy to one of the best countries in the mining sector to do business in. Debswana is the largest non-government employer in Botswana. More than 70% of Botswana's export earnings are produces by Debswana. Debswana plays a major part in the Botswana economy is responsible for around 30% of the countries GDP.

Botswana is trying to move away from its dependence on the diamond mining industry but still over 60% of prospecting licenses are for this industry alone.

If diamonds mine would be measured by the value of the recovered diamonds, then Jwaneng would be the richest diamond mine in the world Jwaneng is an open pit mine in the Kalahari Desert Botswana.

Specialist Local Recruitment

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Botswana has a small population in relation to other African countries and there are high demand on the skilled local workforce. As a client you want to work with an agency who understands the job and recruitment market in Botswana at every level being able to provide insight into your expansion and needs. In Botswana often putting a add in the newspaper does not mean you will get the candidates. We have an extensive referral network and have built up a highly reputable name in the local Botswana Industry. Whether you are looking for market and salary information or up to running a recruitment drive for a large scale projects we have the expertise and tools to assist you.