Plants Production Supervisor - Asphalt & Concrete

Agent: Yvette Rautenbach

  • This is a key position for an experienced Production Supervisor with predominantly a mechanical engineering background and solid experience in electrical engineering. One will be coming with notable leadership and management skills, and excellent interpersonal skills to be dealing with a large team of local and expat employees


  • Company: Well established building and construction company
  • Location: Abuja
  • Date Posted: 9th May 2022
  • Industry: Civil and Construction
  • Nationality: OPEN
  • Salary: Basic plus attractive benefits
  • Qualifications: Mechanical and/electrical with relevant experience
  • Assignment: Min 2 yrs

Job Description

  • Responsible for the repair and maintenance of Asphalt & Concrete Batching plants
  • Service and parts planning
  • Forecast and planning of wearing plants
  • Relocation of plants (dismantling and erection)
  • Leading and training of local staff
  • Responsible for plant availability of 90%
  • Check production output according to specifications.
  • Proactively assess, clarify and validate customer needs on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure that both Company and client objectives are being met
  • Manage work flow of projects to ensure the highest quality service

Minimum Requirements

  • Ability to analyse large scope problems and develop and implement solutions
  • Must have a mechanical and electrical working experience
  • 10+ yrs relevant industry experience in asphalt and concrete batching plants
  • Required to have been in a similar management role for 3+ years
  • Relevant degree or related qualifications

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