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Recruitment Sectors

Mining Recruitment

With extensive experience and industry knowledge of working into the mining sector across Africa, covering all commodities, facing the most challenging of requirements, we are well positioned to source the best of talent available within the industry. Our expertise enables us to understand the technical requirements of the mining sector and highly defined client needs. Our years of experience set us apart to save our valued clients time and money to identify the best within the industry.


Power & Renewable Energy Recruitment

Be it Wind Power, Solar, Hydropower and Geothermal Energy projects, we are well positioned to effectively source some of the best candidates within the market based on our effective recruitment methodologies through strategic networking and headhunting. We have years of experience recruiting for highly skilled candidates within OHL, transmission and distribution, power stations, transformers and switchgear.

Engineering Recruitment

We are highly targeted in our approach to finding skilled and experienced candidates within the market, particularly when presented with skills shortages. With a focus on middle-level to director-level candidates, our success lies in sourcing the best of technical capabilities.


Building and Construction Recruitment In Africa

Our focus lies in sourcing various technical capabilities for construction companies throughout South Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa, enabling our clients to meet tight budgets and timelines through the provision of highly professional built environment personnel.

African HR & Finance Recruitment

We cover a broad range of HR & financial requirements mostly within heavy industry sectors. It is all about people having a passion and a purpose to see the organisation succeed, where the right human capital can ultimately define this success. In finance, we cover all levels ranging from Bookkeepers to Financial Directors, where we find the best and most relevant sector specific candidates to align with your company focus and cultural fit.


Manufacturing Recruitment In Africa

Our manufacturing recruiting services help drive your financial and operational results. We understand the importance of partnering with our clients to understand key requirements to gain a competitive edge within the market, and provide quality professional, engineering and technical talent with the most relevant skills and experience.

Heavy Industry Recruitment Focus Within Africa

Specialist Recruitment | Human Resources | Recruitment Process Outsourcing | Psychometry


Established since 2007, AdoGreen Africa Recruitment provides specialist Recruitment, Human Resources and RPO services in the African market

With years of experience within the African market, AdoGreen Africa has developed a proven methodology in targeting local talent through networking capabilities. Our goal is to source right company and cultural fit.

Local First Recruitment: AdoGreen Africa has developed various methods for reaching local candidates within African countries that conventional recruitment methods lack. We achieve this much faster and more economically than other recruitment methods used. Our focus lies mainly within the heavy industry sectors, however we have been highly successful in working over a diverse range of others as well. We assist companies with their growth areas when moving into new locations within Africa.

Although our specialisation is on sourcing local candidates, we do provide experienced expats with working experience in Africa, and are able to assist irrespective of the location.


Targeting Talent

At AdoGreen Africa, we are passionate about people, achieving excellence and delivering a service that is trusted, where the proof is in the high caliber candidates who we place.

It’s about understanding what we do, who our clients need, and having the capability to network strategically and timeously, capitalising on all resources available and exceeding expectations. Where faced with a challenge, we are the go-to agency. It’s about delivering on exact specs and offering the relationship and communication required to achieve success for everyone involved in the process.

Local & Expat Recruitment | HR | RPO

Where job boards, common social media resources and local newspaper advertising fails, we are able to assist

AdoGreen Africa provides key fundamental services for companies in Africa whether it is Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Human Resource Outsourcing or Specialist Recruitment. AdoGreen Africa has the capability to source local candidates in highly competitive markets, where skills shortages prevail and where one faces connectivity challenges in rural areas in addition to getting to key candidates.

We understand Africa, and the need to source experienced expats who have worked within Africa, to offer our clients valuable experience and insight into the sectors of their requirements. Your company is as strong as the people you employ. We are here to offer you that strength!