Why AdoGreen?


Owing to the success of tried and tested recruitment methodology within well-established business hubs to unfamiliar and remote locations, AdoGreen has been able to deliver above expectation on recruitment specs across a spectrum of diverse environments. This has positioned us with the confidence to embrace any recruitment need and challenge within Africa. Although there is a primary focus of 4 largely broad sectors, we are technically and intelligently equipped with the experience to tackle the most challenging of assignments.

Targeted Approach:

Our approach is refined to not only identify technically and commercially competent candidates, but to understand our client’s
 organisational and personal requirements in line with cultural and departmental fits. We shortlist the very best of potentially
 suitable candidates for our clients, and from there, benchmark and select the strongest candidates of that final shortlist to
 offer the most superior selection choice. By this, we strategically limit the number of applications submitted to our clients
 to save time and money for our clients within the recruitment process. Depending on the position and request of clients, our
 average CV submission is 3 CVs per job spec.

Technology Built For Africa:

AdoGreen has a highly efficient and cost-effective recruitment system designed to deliver from small to large-scale recruitment campaigns within the African environment, using our state of the art recruitment portal, Regeneration Recruitment Software. Our methodologies are completely transparent and highly targeted in response to each unique client need with particular focus on the African continent.

  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Targeted
  • Tried And Tested
  • Local Recruitment
  • Expat Recruitment


Our client’s success means our success and therefore it is of paramount importance to us to ensure that none of our clients ever
 encounters a bad hiring experience, not only beyond initial appointment but throughout our candidate’s career with our client as well. To ensure this, we do not take shortcuts on candidate profiling and interviewing, reference checks and paperwork required. Only the most
 highly qualified and genuinely interested candidates are recommended for CV submission, whereby candidate motives also need to
 align with our client’s best interests to ensure longevity and a successful hiring experience long term. Experience has sharpened
 our ability to identify risk candidates quickly, and therefore we can safely and confidently offer this expertise to our clients,
 knowing that we do not just fill a spec, but offer long term peace of mind.

Client Resource

Recruitment Software Implementation.

Companies within Africa must look at alternative strategies to engage with potential employees and create new and exciting recruitment experiences not only for HR but the interested candidate's. We assist in setting up internal software solutions to enable our clients to recruit independently.
 This proven online Hiring or Talent Pipelining software solution is built for the African environment and will give the employer a new perspective on how to gain access to a wider pool of passive talent through training we offer as an agency which represents a wonderful way to move ahead in the race to build
 new relationships with top talent. The most competitive company will always be the most successful. We have that solution! Please
 feel free to request more information on this solution.

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