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We are a leading provider of skilled personnel in the Power Generation field, and a recruitment partner of choice to many companies working in Africa. We focus on providing clients with local candidates but have an extensive database of active expat candidates who work and will work in Africa. We have actively placed key personnel in the African environment.

Why AdoGreen Recruitment?

Most African countries even if they have large population have a small educated workforce in the power generation sector. There is high demand those skilled local workforce. Skills shortage is a term well known in most areas in Africa especially within the power generation, and transmission sector as there are many projects all over Africa seeking these candidates. Even if the workforce is available getting hold of them can be another challenge. What futher complicates recruitment in Africa is various issues like – location, communication, technology etc makes it very challenging to recruit in Africa. Getting the right candidate in Africa is not merely putting an ad in the newspaper or using any recruitment agency. It is a highly specialised recruitment field far more difficult than in a first world country as the barrier to entry into an African country can be great. As a client you want to work with an agency who understands the job and recruitment market in Africa being able to provide insight into your expansion and needs. You would want to partner with an agency that provide key market insight, help with Employment Marketing, able to help with Special Recruitment Projects and recruitment drives. Owing to physical restrictions in communication within certain African locations, we have had to learn how to overcome these hurdles in order to market our clients correctly, network aggressively within local circles, and target the most sought after talent including those passive on the job market. In order to expand your business in Africa with a strong local presence, we like to work closely with you to understand your company goals and development strategy.

Owing to the success of tried and tested recruitment methodology within well-established business hubs to unfamiliar and remote locations, AdoGreen has been able to deliver above expectation on recruitment specs across a spectrum of diverse environments. This has positioned us with the confidence to embrace any recruitment need and challenge within Africa.

Africa's Energy Crisis

Two out of every three people living in Africa does not have access to electricity. This means that over 620 million people in Africa is without electricity. In Britian, London consumes more electricity than any country in Africa except South Africa. Costs for businesses are roughly three times as much as in the USA and Europe. Power outages costs many countries in Africa round one to four percent of their GDP every year.

Africa is going through a massive expansion in the Power Generation field. There are various reasons for this. Mainly large scale economic growth over many regions in the continent. Africa is set to have a percentage growth in development of the Power generation field higher than most other countries in the world. It is a rapidly expanding industry and many companies are constantly trying to cross the barrier to entry into Africa.
China is adding to its generating capacity the equivalent of the output of the whole of Africa. New projects and plans suggest that Africa's generating capacity will increase by more than half by the end of the decade. In South Africa the Medupi power station when it becomes active will output more power than the whole of Nigeria does. Kenya is aiming at tripling its power generation by adding Africa’s largest hydroelectric and geothermal plants.

Private Investment

There has been a massive increase in investment into the power generation capacity of Africa by private investors. The falling cost of renewable energy has made a favourable investment opportunity for investors. Africa is one of the best potential areas to develop renewable energy plants like wind, solar and hydropower. It is a smaller investment than to invest into a big power plant. Second to this it is also possible to provide energy directly to the customer off the grid which is another very big advantage.


  • Wind Farm Energy projects
  • Solar Power Generation Projects
  • EPC projects in renewable energy
  • SCADA Commissioning
  • Substation Commissioning
  • Power Generation Projects
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Project Engineer
  • High Voltage Turnkey Projects
  • Transmission Projects

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South Africa Power Generation Projects Nuclear

Africa Power Generation Projects Overview Nuclear Plants

France confident SA nuke power build will push ahead

Johannesburg – France remains confident the South African government will go ahead with its project to build 9 600 megawatts of extra nuclear power generation – despite the huge political controversy surrounding the plans.

Dr. Pascal Colombani, Special Envoy of French President Francois Hollande for the nuclear partnership with South Africa, expects the long-awaited invitation from Pretoria to nuclear countries to submit their bids, to come anytime between now and Spring.

He said in Johannesburg on Monday France had expected this “Request for Proposals (RFPs)” to be issued to France and the other bidding countries by the end of March or beginning of April.

The South African nuclear proposal, which envisages up to 9,600 megawatts of extra electricity being generated by between six and eight new reactors, has reportedly been caught up in the political feud between President Jacob Zuma and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan who reputedly believes the country cannot afford it.


Nuclear Energy Explained

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South Africa Power Generation Projects Overview

Africa Power Generation Projects Overview

Power Generation in the SADEC region has been a big problem in the last few years. Major skills shortage in the Power Industry Job marget is not helping either. Most countries in the Southern African region is facing shortage of electricity and there are contstantly open power generation jobs.

AdoGreen is a specialist recruiment agency in Africa working in the African Power Generation Job And Recruitment Industry.

Power Generation Stations Africa

Basic list of power stations in Africa

Coal Fired Power Stations In South Africa

  • Arnot Power Station
  • Camden Power Station
  • Duvha Power S* tation
  • Grootvlei Power Station
  • Hendrina Power Station
  • Kelvin Power Station
  • Kendal Power Station
  • Komati Power Station
  • Kriel Power Station
  • Kusile Power Station
  • Lethabo Power Station
  • Majuba Power Station
  • Matimba Power Station
  • Matla Power Station
  • Medupi Power Station
  • Pretoria West Power Station
  • Rooiwal Power Station
  • Tutuka Power Station

AdoGreen Recruitment specialises in the recruiting of candidates in the Power Generation Job market.

Gas Turbine Power Plants South Africa

  • Acacia Power Station
  • Ankerlig Power Station
  • Gourikwa Power Station
  • Newcastle Cogeneration Plant
  • Port Rex Power Station
  • Avon Peaking Power
  • Dedisa Peaking Power

Are you a specialist in the Gas Turbine Power Generation Job Sector? Register your CV with us.

Hydro Power Plants In South Africa

  • Tubatse Pumped Storage Scheme
  • Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme
  • Drakensberg Pumped Storage Scheme
  • Gariep Dam
  • Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme
  • Steenbras Power Station (Pumped Storage)
  • Vanderkloof Dam
  • Collywobbles-Mbashe
  • Ncora Dam
  • Sol Plaatje Power Station
  • Merino Power Station
  • Kakamas Hydro Electric
  • Kruisvallei Hydro

Nuclear Power Plants In South Africa

Koeberg nuclear power stations

Renewable Energy Wind Power Generation Plants In South Africa

  • Coega Wind Farm
  • Darling Wind Farm
  • Klipheuwel Wind Farm
  • Sere Wind Farm
  • Dassiesklip Wind Energy Facility
  • Van Stadens Wind Farm
  • Hopefield Wind Farm
  • Noblesfontein Wind Farm
  • Kouga Wind Farm
  • Dorper Wind Farm
  • Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm
  • Cookhouse Wind Farm
  • Waainek Wind Farm
  • Grassridge Wind Farm
  • Gouda Wind Facility
  • Amakhala Emoyeni (Phase 1)
  • Tsitsikamma Community Wind Farm
  • West Coast 1 Wind Farm
  • Chaba Wind Farm
  • Gibson Bay Wind Farm
  • Longyuan Mulilo De Aar 2 North Wind Energy Facility
  • Nojoli Wind Farm
  • Longyuan Mulilo De Aar Maanhaarberg Wind Energy Facility
  • Khobab Wind Farm
  • Noupoort Mainstream Wind
  • Loeriesfontein 2 Wind Farm
  • Roggeveld Wind Farm
  • The Karusa Wind Farm
  • The Nxuba Wind Farm
  • Golden Valley Wind
  • Oyster Bay Wind Farm
  • The Soetwater Wind Farm
  • Kangnas
  • Perdekraal East
  • Excelsior Wind Energy Facility
  • Wesley-Ciskei
  • Copperton Windfarm
  • Garob Wind Farm

Solar PV Power Plants

  • Kalkbult
  • SlimSun Swartland Solar Park
  • RustMo1 Solar Farm
  • Konkoonsies Solar
  • Aries Solar PV Energy Facility
  • Greefspan PV Power Plant
  • Herbert PV Power Plant
  • Mulilo Renewable Energy Solar PV Prieska
  • Soutpan Solar Park
  • Witkop Solar Park
  • Touwsrivier CPV Solar Project
  • De Aar Solar PV
  • Mulilo Renewable Energy Solar PV De Aar
  • Solar Capital De Aar
  • Solar Capital De Aar 3
  • SA Mainstream Renewable Power Droogfontein
  • Letsatsi PV Project
  • Lesedi PV Project
  • Kathu Solar Energy Facility 1
  • Sishen Solar Facility
  • Aurora Solar Project
  • Vredendal Solar Power Park
  • Linde Solar Project
  • Dreunberg Solar Project
  • Jasper Solar Energy Project
  • Boshoff Solar Park
  • Upington Solar PV
  • Adams Solar PV 2
  • Tom Burke Solar Park
  • Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska PV
  • Paleisheuwel Solar Park
  • Pulida Solar Park
  • Mulilo Prieska PV
  • Kathu Solar Energy Facility 2
  • Sirius Solar PV Project One
  • Droogfontein 2 Solar
  • Dyason’s Klip 1
  • Dyason’s Klip 2
  • Konkoonsies II Solar Facility
  • Aggeneys Solar Project
  • Solar Capital Orange
  • De Wildt Solar
  • Bokamoso Solar
  • Zeerust Solar Park
  • Greefspan 2 Solar Park
  • Waterloo Solar Park

Concentrated Solar Power Generation South Africa

  • Khi Solar One
  • KaXu Solar One
  • Bokpoort CSP
  • Xina CSP South Africa
  • Ilanga 1
  • Redstone Solar Thermal Power

Landfill Gas Power Generation South Africa

  • Johannesburg Landfill Gas to Electricity
  • Mariannhill Landfill Gas to Electricity
  • Bisasar Road Landfill Gas to Electricity

Biomass Power Generation Projects In South Africa

  • PetroSA Biogas Project
  • Ngodwana Energy Project
  • Mkuze


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