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We are a recruitment partner of choice to many companies working in Africa. We have a Local First method and focus on providing clients with local candidates. An extensive database of active expat candidates who work and will work in Africa in case of Expat need.

Why AdoGreen Recruitment? - Local First

In Africa there is high demand those skilled local workforce. Skills shortage is a term well known in most areas in Africa. Even if the workforce is available getting hold of them can be another challenge. Various issues like – location, communication, and technological chanllenges make it very challenging to recruit in Africa. Getting the right candidate in Africa is not merely putting an ad in the newspaper or using any recruitment agency. It is a highly specialised recruitment field far more difficult than in a first world country as the barrier to entry into an African country can be great. As a client you want to work with an agency who understands the job and recruitment market in Africa being able to provide insight into your expansion and needs. You would want to partner with an agency that provide key market insight, help with Employment Marketing, able to help with Special Recruitment Projects and recruitment drives. Owing to physical restrictions in communication within certain African locations, we have had to learn how to overcome these hurdles in order to market our clients correctly, network aggressively within local circles, and target the most sought after talent including those passive on the job market. In order to expand your business in Africa with a strong local presence, we like to work closely with you to understand your company goals and development strategy.

Owing to the success of tried and tested recruitment methodology within well-established business hubs to unfamiliar and remote locations, AdoGreen has been able to deliver above expectation on recruitment specs across a spectrum of diverse environments. This has positioned us with the confidence to embrace any recruitment need and challenge within Africa.

Africa - The New Frontier

Africa draws great interest for investors due to its resources and more recently the land.
Africa is the world's second-fastest growing region and has gained interest from many multinationals in search of higher return. Accelerating economic growth in Africa has leading global retailer striving to reach untapped consumer spending potential.
African consumers prefer to look for local brands which they can connect with that go with the one-size fits all approach. Modern retail in most markets is only just beginning within the majority African market.


Africa is viewed as a long-term prospect and companies that enter its markets need endurance to weather both good and bad market conditions. The African retail market has great long-term potential but the short-term numbers have investors uncertain.
Over the past five years retailers have been faced with a decline in disposable incomes due to power and water cuts.
Despite challenges, local retailers have maintained dominance due to brand heritage and visibility that have gained devotion among shoppers.

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