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Over 8 out of 10 candidates placed through AdoGreen since 2007 still work with their employers, many of which have become senior members of staff leading divisions within their companies.



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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

AdoGreen partners with you to take full responsibility for the management of the entire recruitment process on your behalf.

Permanent Placement Solutions

AdoGreen has been able to deliver above expectation on recruitment specs across a spectrum of diverse environments.

Special Projects

Most organisation don’t have the resources, personal or time to deal with fast expansion, recruitment drives and sudden growth especially if it is into a country in Africa. AdoGreen can take care of the full recruitment or even parts or part of it.

Company Targetted Marketing

No solution is the same and is developed per client per country, area or need. The focus is to help companies source the best of local talent easily and save money on the recruitment process.

Adogreen Africa specialises in finding local talent accross Africa