CV Writing - Job Hunting Tips

If you are looking for career advice, informative industry information, how to write a better CV, becoming more marketable, tips on job hunting and also coaching through the resignation process read some of our easy tips on the recruitment process.

CV WRITING TIP NO 1/31: Avoid sending scanned copies of your CV. Most database CV searches are done through key word searches. Your CV will not come up on a search if recognised as a fax/scanned copy as the system will recognise it as an image file and therefore it will not be searchable

CV WRITING TIP NO 2: Use as many relevant key words (to your experience) on your CV. Remember that when your CV is saved onto a database, people will do a search to find relevant candidates by key-word searching. If you have done SAP and it is not on your CV, a search for all candidates having done SAP will mean that your CV won’t come up on the search if omitted.

CV WRITING TIP NO 3. Make sure you elaborate in detail on actual duties and responsibilities in each job position. Recruiters and companies will want to see specifically what you have done within each position. Leaving this off may get people to presume you do not have enough experience for the relevant requirement

CV WRITING TIP NO 4: Do not story-tell on your CV. Ideally, you need a bullet pointed breakdown of duties and responsibilities. You CV must be punchy, to the point, and detailed in this. No one has time to read a long story of when and how you got the job, why you enjoyed it, the things you like doing etc. People scan over a CV for a quick overview. A story-telling CV will get side-lined most of the time.

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